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Explorez l’univers envoûtant de la danse latine

Plongez au cœur de la danse latine avec l’école dynamique et passionnée de José Lozano. Apprenez, établissez des liens et surtout, amusez-vous !

Our values

Our Core Values



Fuel your dance journey with a deep love for Latin rhythms and movements.



Create meaningful connections with fellow dance enthusiasts in a vibrant community.



Receive guidance from highly qualified instructors to master various Latin dance styles.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Experience the magic of Latin dance with our exceptional offerings.

Exciting Classes

Engage in captivating classes where you learn new moves and feel the rhythm.

Vibrant Community

Become part of a lively community of dancers and share your passion for Latin dance.

Individual Attention

Enjoy personalized attention and guidance in our private classes tailored to your pace.

Student Stories

Latin Dance School has transformed my life. The energy and joy of the dance styles are truly unmatched. Highly recommended!

– Carlos Rodríguez

I have found my second family at Latin Dance School. The support and encouragement here are amazing!

– Elena Fernández

Dancing at Latin Dance School has been a dream. The atmosphere is electric and invigorating!

– Sophie Lefevre